WÖA Creative Company

I Woa

It’s an expression of amazement when you witness something surprising. It’s a sound made with your mouth wide open when amazement causes you to lose control of your reactions.

It’s the light that illuminates your eyes when you come face to face with something that inspires you. It's that shiver that runs down your spine and gives you goose bumps on your arms. It’s that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and pounding heartbeat when you experience something extraordinary. Much more than wow... WOA is an instinctive impulse, a range of emotions that rises up from the stomach and affects the whole body, taking possession of it.
I Why

Because for those who are enamoured with amazement, events are a natural extension. The answer for us lies in another question: can you think of a better way to create this emotion?!

Personally, no. There’s no state of being quite like it, however exclusive, capable of bringing people together, uniting them, and making them feel as one. And all this thanks to amazement. An emotion that can be experienced individually, but which can also result in collective sharing. A show, each one different from the last, to leave you speechless, to be remembered, and hopefully talked about. An experience, each time, unique and amazing.