Creative Company

Creative Company

We are an expression of amazement.

We make magic with hi-tech storytelling. We fuse art with technology and tradition with imagination to create immersive and interactive experiences, with the aim of impacting people’s feelings. Where others aspire to inspire, we inspire others to aspire.

What we do

Video Mapping

Video Mapping is a technology-based form of art where images and videos are projected on to real three-dimensional surfaces creating spectacular 3D shows. Whether a building, a car, a shoe or any other object, video mapping turns each surface into a screen.

Motion Graphics

When producing a video, it is not always necessary to shoot in a real location or to have actors playing roles. You can also make a video using just moving graphics, which is called Motion Graphics. This genre has become increasingly popular because of its ease of use and effectiveness in communicating ideas.


Holograms are a form of virtual reality immersed in the real world and therefore visible without any screen. Holograms are 3D images, which are both real and imaginary, that reproduce reality or allow the viewer to build fantasy images as if they were real.

Digital Live Painting

Digital Live Painting is a technique that allows the creation of digital works of art that are then projected on to three-dimensional surfaces. As in video mapping, the size of the area used as a screen may vary from the façade of a building to the surface of a handbag. In digital live painting events the artist or the audience participate in the creation of a real digital work of art, that is projected by creating a live show of colors.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is simulated reality. It is in practice a digital world in which you are *immersed while wearing a VR headset*. Virtual reality projects the user into any place, allowing them the feeling of actually being there, breaking down geographical barriers and simulating any setting.

Performance Mapping

Performance mapping is an art form where a dancer or actor interacts in harmony with moving images that are projected directly on to the performer’s body or video mapped on to a screen behind. The dancer’s performance blends with or reacts to the images that change according to the dancer’s movements.

Immersive Experience

An immersive experience is a way of enjoying content where the viewer is immersed and enveloped in a harmonious mix of image, video and sound that tell a story. An immersive experience may be interactive or not, but it is always characterized by a high level of emotional engagement for those who experience it.

Multimedia Installations

A multimedia installation is a three-dimensional work or object with which the user becomes the principal user, for example through media or physical objects arranged within a limited physical space. Thanks to use of sensors, an installation can become interactive. Everything must be built with the aim of awakening and soliciting the perception of the viewer, who then becomes an integral part of the installation itself. Without the user, the installation would not acquire the same value.

Content For Events

Content for events can be described as multimedia projects where creativity fuses with technology to generate experiences that engage an audience emotionally in a defined and usually limited time frame. Content for events is designed to tell the backstory of a brand or product so as to enhance it and render it protagonist. This is done through captivating storytelling aimed at conveying values over and above the simple intrinsic aspects of the product or service.