The reaction to impact, or contact, with the surface of the structure, triggers different visual responses depending on where it is struck, taking the user into a childlike dimension, but in digital terms.

An interactive video mapping installation, presented at the NC Awards (May 2017) with the aim of experimenting and proposing an unconventional use of sensors and software. The use of contact microphones, which can be applied to any rigid material which, in turn, becomes responsive to impact, combined with software that transforms the analogue digital signal, created a decontextualisation of sensors commonly used in other fields of application. By adjusting the sensor’s sensitivity thresholds using software that transforms the impact into digital signals, it is possible to command the screening of different videos (or other outputs). Installation was proposed, using a tablet and OSC, to make it possible to choose multiple action scenarios.


WOA Creative Company


Maggio, 2017


CGI, Touch designer

Art director:

Davide Asker Carioni

Project manager:

Giuliana Pajola


Edoardo Olivetto

Federico Baioni


Nicolò De Vecchi